Our Services

Global / Open System

Our company has been involved in developing business systems in a vast variety of business situations. We support the system development using the most innovative technology and providing the best solution. Product quality and productivity are strictly managed by the direction of Kernel Software Engineering, Inc. as a mother company. Kernel Philippines, Inc. has now undertaken detailed design, coding, and unit test. The target in the future is to grow with the technical capabilities that can handle requirement definition up to system installation.

Business Activities

Mainly, we develop and maintain systems and tools that help to improve the efficiency of businesses. Our development field is diverse and it covers Mission-critical business, Building industry, Medical care, and Telecommunication. The Development scale includes tiny useful tools and huge client and server system on the web.

Those systems are based on various technology platforms shown in following table.

Technology Platform Table

Application/Web Development Front end HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript(jQuery)
Back end Java(SAStruts, Struts2, Spring, Jersey 2.0 [RESTful Web Services], JSP)
Testing DBUnit, JUnit, Spock
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
Application Server Apache Tomcat, Resin
Development Platforms eBuilder, Eclipse, Outsystems
Other Tools Adobe Photoshop, Artisteer

Embedded System

We have been working on system development and design mainly on Vehicle ECUs (Electronic Control Units). The car-related development process is being controlled under strict professional management. Even one mistake is not allowed to ensure the safety of human life. Furthermore, our strict project management of module control system development provides high quality and productivity.

Business Activities

We develop control oriented microcomputer software for various hardware products and is focused mainly on the automobile - related ECUs (Electrical Control Units). We conduct the development from software design up to system test.

The development field is mostly on the vehicle control system shown on the following table.