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Confidentiality Agreement

Being in an IT business industry, our company keeps a strict security and confidentiality policy for its clients. Each employee is expected to follow the company's non-disclosure policy which has a periodic orientation to keep the employee aware of the policy. Security equipments are also installed in the work and office area of the company to strongly enforce the policy. In order to protect the product's privacy, we take extra steps to secure any data or customers' information.

Overall Security System

  1. Door access system is installed.

  2. Each door in our office is locked and managed by a door access system which prevents room entry without permission. It records entry and exit access history of all employees.

  3. CCTV is installed.

  4. It is installed in all rooms and records 24/7 for any possible fraudulent acts.

  5. Bringing in and taking out of materials in the work area are prohibited.

  6. Bringing in personal belongings (especially Storage Device, Mobile Phone, Camera and Video) is prohibited. Taking out materials from working area is also prohibited. It prevents physical leak of information.

  7. Connecting to the internet is not allowed.

  8. Internet connection is not allowed for employees except managers or higher-ranking officials. It prevents leak of information through the network.

For other security concerns, please contact us at (02)8570-4741 .